(Expected launch Spring 2014)

Managing contact data is a key part of our personal and professional lives

Entering data into conventional contact managers is often time consuming and repetitive.

Information such as city, state, area code, zip code and time zone is often difficult to verify at the time of data entry.

Introducing ZAC...

Global Contact Manager based on Microsoft’s SQL Compact Database with Geographical Location Awareness including:

  • Postal Codes,
  • Telephone Area Codes,
  • Time Zomes and Holidays
  • search capabilities by Postal Code, Telephone Country Code, Telephone Area Code and Holidays

The Typical ZAC User

An international busines person whom uses English as base language of communication.

Minimum Requirements

Windows XP with SP2
Processor: 1Ghz
Memory: 256mb ram
Disk Space: 1Gb
Internet Connection